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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Babee Al' Mighty

Today babee came to Mega Kids to meet us. When you two saw him, you just clung on to him like bee and honey. You 3 had so much of fun, rolling, climbing, jumping and swearing (Reeve). That is why Babee put Reeve on the baloon and slapped his bum and reprimanded Reeve not to swear anymore.

At around 7 pm, Babee sent us home and went for dinner with some bankers, i put you two to sleep at 9pm, but only succeeded at 9.45pm. It all went well till 11plus, when i heard Renee coughing badly...this coughing continued till 2am until i was vibrated by the cough. I remember feeding Renee cough mixture and anti-biotics before she went to bed, how come it became so bad? I told Babee about the coughing and he ask me to slab some Vicks on the sole of your feet, wear socks and wait for 30mins, then see if Renee sleeps well. I did that and VIOLA!!!! at around 2.40am, you snorred all the way till this 8.45am morning.

Both you and Reeve woke me this morning, but i just couldn't move due to the disturbances last night. Thank god Babee is such a smart boy! if not all of us would have suffered all night long. Babee had always been good with all these home remedies. I remembered, when you were 3+, you had such high fever in the middle of the night and Babee sponged you with cold water continuously for hours to bring your temperature down. Must ask Babee to publish a book..heheehe..

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